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Wee Winn: Before & After

Here’s a nice little compilation illustrating what a long journey Wee Winn has been through over these months. Look and be amazed at its transformation!


A Milestone Reached

Bill built a wooden cradle to hold our 1,500 pound steel display cradle. As you can see in the pictures, it has been tilted at 15 degrees so the boat will be level while we paint her hull and complete our work on deck and attach deck-level rigging (when on display, the steel plate will lie on the floor and RELIANCE will heel over.)

6 Bill's cradle support

7 Ready to go

Finally, after more than a decade on its work cradle, RELIANCE will be lifted off and bolted onto its display cradle. We send you the last pictures of RELIANCE in her work cradle and all movable fittings removed in preparation.

8 Last View

9 Last view -stripping loose gear

10 Last View - ready