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Progress: Splicing, Traveler, and Rudder

Herb is continuing to develop wire splicing skills as well as passing his knowledge to the rest of the team. In the photo below, Steve is worming 1/4″ wire for the first of two bobstays. The original RELIANCE used 7 strand Roebling special plow steel wire.

In other news, Keith has finished fitting the traveler and is waiting for the paint to dry. In the meantime, he’s starting to shape the rudder, also seen below.


The Traveller

We’re continuing on the massive work we put into building the RELIANCE scale model. Keith and Steve have been working on the Traveler for a while now, and it’s looking like it’ll be finished within the week. As of now, it’s tapped for threads at the ends and pinned at deck level to avoid slipping. Bondo will be used on the access hole that was drilled into the hull to make it seem like it was never there; as of now, the boat is dry fitted and waiting for finalization.

9. Steve prepares metal traveler pads and teak bases8. Keith drilling out holes for traveler

11. Dry Fitting whole traveler system12.10. Dry fit of traveler12a