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Winter Progress

Work has been progressing over this early winter on all the details of the rigging; the blocks, splicing, and making up the shackles are all getting done. We recently dry-fitted the main sheet system. You can see Herb in the background making a micro-splice. Poor guy!


The Saturday crew has been working with extra gusto!
Laura completed all splices for the two topmast backstay runners and started the wire-manila peak halyard tail splice. Joe has been repainting the deck which, over the past two years in the shed, has become shop worn; Bern has been helping with making blocks.

Meanwhile, Burr delivered his latest masterpiece: the topmast cone assembly. You may remember that last fall, Bill fashioned the lignum vitae truck, and several years ago, Mike cast a topmast cone. Well, Burr took those pieces, machined the cone, then made the topsail halyard sheave and metal housing, and assembled everything together. We couldn’t even find the housing solder joint. So awesome!


Did we mention that the average age of these guys exceeds 80?!

Blocks and Sheaves

Joe has been scheming to mass produce our 140 blocks (complete with 240 sheaves) of various sizes. Below, we have a 12″ single block–2″ in our scale–and a sheave. The side view shows the concave hollow for the wire at the top and convex stripper shape at the bottom to stop the wire from going around the sheave twice. The hardest part of this process will probably be forming straps to fit thimbles, straps, and shackles.

6. 12 inch Preventer Stay blocks7. Side view