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Touch Ups and Steam Progress

Joan Perkins of Padanaram Sign Shop & Boat Lettering has given our model life; having a name on the stern makes RELIANCE feel all the more real. It seems to be one more indication that we’re approaching the goal line. Joan came to us highly recommended by neighbor Dan Shea, and she’s everything he said and more. So many of our local business “volunteers” are the best in the game! Thank you, Joan!


We’ve finished up a large majority of the blocks, so we’ve got Bern constructing stairs for our RELIANCE Display.


Joe is touching up the deck; after all this time working, plenty of dust and assorted undesirables ended up topside.


Meanwhile, Don has been working on the new steam exhibit as well as providing the RELIANCE project with an extra steady pair of hands, as required. The boiler, fire box, and ash pan will complement the stem engine he has restored.


A New Bench

9 new work benches

13. 12 foot long work bench

As part of our movement to further expand Building 28 as a boat repair and restoration shop, Bill and Keith have constructed a 12′ long work bench for the maintenance crew working on the H12.5. This, on top of a 5′ long bench Sandy had built them earlier on, should leave the crew content (it better!).

While it’s main purpose is to help that team on their work, we’ve been conspiring putting it to use with the RELIANCE Project. We’ll see where that leads us…