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Completion of WEE WINN

We have completed our restoration of Wee Winn to be prominently displayed in the Sidney Herreshoff room behind the reception area. We’ve a small punch list of items to complete including mast, gaff and rigging so she can be displayed “full up!” Come see Wee Winn and help celebrate her 125th birthday. Now in process of completing an exciting series of exhibits to accompany her.

Her owner Miss Winifred Sutton was a pioneer among women owning and racing their boats. In her first season, Wee Winn won 21 of 22 races out of Bembridge Sailing Club in the Solent against boats raced by men and women, winning the English half-rater class hands down!

We’ve also made a half hull and plaque to “celebrate women leaders in yachting.”

Gearing Up Wee Winn for Display

Work on Wee Winn has accelerated and we’re looking forward to moving her down into the main museum building for public display in the next few weeks!

A team lead by Steve Siok has been making the keel and lead bulb. Wayne engineered the fasteners for the angle iron to keel. Rick has bored out all the holes and attached angle iron to keel, and now drilled holes in the angle iron for attaching the keel assembly to the boat. Steve has lofted everything, created the master plan and now Sandy is creating the mold for the lead bulb. These photos show the keel and bulb.

Meanwhile, Art has returned from NH winter tundra to caulk the deck. Steve, Bill, Keith, and Rick have almost completed work on an incredibly creative display cradle. Wayne has finished fashioning the rudder and tiller assembly, and it should arrive next week. Herb, Eric and new hand Jim are hard at work completing all the spars. Bill and Keith are working on replacement floor boards and seats. Very soon Laura will be back to create the wire and manila rigging- in period fashion. And of course, Mike has been in the background making all the missing bronze fittings.

Meanwhile, We’ve been making commemorative half hull models for sale in the Museum store to pay for our work and some accompanying exhibit materials

More on Amaryllis

We have stepped Amaryllis’s rig for a photo opportunity. As with every such exercise, there arise several questions, closer examinations, and learning moments.
How was this catamaran really rigged and sailed? There is no apparent throat halyard, no apparent running back stays…
How was the jib rigged and jib club attached? How was the jib attached, raised, and sailed?

Fan Artwork of RELIANCE

We love this artwork sent to us by Aaron, age 10. This drawing was sent to us this summer. Did you know that we do school field-trips to the Museum? Visiting HMM and The RELIANCE Model teaches students the fascinating history of HMCo., the influence of engineering and innovation, and the reputation of the America’s Cup Race: the pinnacle of seamanship and athletes from around the world.


“Reliance” by Aaron S. (Age 10)

Museum Opening Day

The build up and preparation for Herreshoff’s opening day has been a bumpy road, but when we finally made it, we couldn’t have asked for a more successful and rewarding weekend.




Thanks to the crew who had been working diligently to make this day a reality! Available for some photos (from left to right) were: Don Berret, Sandy Lee, Tim Horton, Joe Uzzo, Herb Luther, Bern Altman, and Laura Thompson.20160501_114217

Opening Day, May 1st!

SpringOpening Poster - Rel - FINAL

Come down to visit Herreshoff Museum on Sunday, May 1st for our opening day! Our RELIANCE model will be ready and present for all eyes to see; witness the finished product of our crew’s limitless toil!