The RELIANCE Project

About the Project:  The Herreshoff Marine Museum is constructing and displaying a one-sixth scale museum-quality model of RELIANCE. The model of the famous 1903 America’s Cup winner will be a cornerstone display and source of related museum exhibits. This model will be 33’ in length and more than 37’ in height. To date a fiberglass hull, wood rudder, aluminum-tube mast and solid wooden topmast have been procured, but it is readily apparent that sound engineering designs are required before proceeding further. The intention of HMM is to construct a fully-rigged static model with sails which will become the Museum’s cornerstone to display and educate visitors on the beauty of these large, extreme boats and Capt. Nat’s advanced engineering design and manufacturing competency.

About the Museum: The Herreshoff Marine Museum / America’s Cup Hall of Fame is dedicated to the education and inspiration of the public through presentations of the history and innovative work of the Herreshoff Manufacturing Company and the America’s Cup competition.

The Museum, bordering beautiful Narragansett Bay, in Bristol, Rhode Island, is one of the nation’s most important historic maritime treasures. We regularly host classic yacht regattas, sponsor symposia on classic yacht design and restoration, and operate an outstanding sailing school for youth and adults. We celebrate excellence in design, innovation, education, and technology.

Immerse yourself in exhibits about the Herreshoff Manufacturing Company, the America’s Cup, and the fabulous people and yachts that gained fame around the world. Participate in our extraordinary events and expand your horizons. Visit, join, and be a part of a great tradition.

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