Gearing Up Wee Winn for Display

Work on Wee Winn has accelerated and we’re looking forward to moving her down into the main museum building for public display in the next few weeks!

A team lead by Steve Siok has been making the keel and lead bulb. Wayne engineered the fasteners for the angle iron to keel. Rick has bored out all the holes and attached angle iron to keel, and now drilled holes in the angle iron for attaching the keel assembly to the boat. Steve has lofted everything, created the master plan and now Sandy is creating the mold for the lead bulb. These photos show the keel and bulb.

Meanwhile, Art has returned from NH winter tundra to caulk the deck. Steve, Bill, Keith, and Rick have almost completed work on an incredibly creative display cradle. Wayne has finished fashioning the rudder and tiller assembly, and it should arrive next week. Herb, Eric and new hand Jim are hard at work completing all the spars. Bill and Keith are working on replacement floor boards and seats. Very soon Laura will be back to create the wire and manila rigging- in period fashion. And of course, Mike has been in the background making all the missing bronze fittings.

Meanwhile, We’ve been making commemorative half hull models for sale in the Museum store to pay for our work and some accompanying exhibit materials

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