From the Perspective of the Kids

It’s always nice to hear what children have to say about our RELIANCE Project; when we get some of their input, it’s always interesting. Here are some recent examples:

Stephen and his Dad came for a visit after sailing school; I asked Stephen to give us his impressions of the boat. Several days later, he came back with a Lego diorama: a waterfront scene just like the one at the sailing school, but with RELIANCE at her mooring. You’ll note that RELIANCE has a bow-mounted cannon. Stephen says: “Every big sailboat needs one!” If only Charlie Barr were so inventive…

The scene is complete with a navigational buoy in the foreground. I like what the sailing school is teaching its young students, but now I’ll have to see if Stephen has smuggled a small cannon onto one of the HH12 1/2’s….

1 stephen's lego

Charlotte brought Queen Elsa to visit her Scandinavian subjects, but it seems the Third Mate has other things on his mind!

2 Queen Elsa

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