On a Wire: Perfecting the Craft

8 wire worming and serving2 Splicing wire cutting #7 core wire and beginning the splice3 Herb splicng wire4 Splicing wire1 Making a splicing jig5. Sheet Block Attachments

Herb has been honing his rigging skills and has proven the worming, parceling and serving fixtures, and developing tables of lengths for each size of wire. He did the same for the worming, parceling and serving materials. Above, he is seen making a splicing fixture and perfecting his wire splicing techniques. Tim, from the Saturday crew, is following in his footsteps, so we’ll have a production line. Together, they’re completing the two sets of mainsheet span wires, scaled at 10′ long, 1/8″ diameter. The wire is seven strand galvanized steel, just like on the actual RELIANCE (Special Roebling Plow Steel Wire, as in Brooklyn Bridge Roebling). Sandy drilled out some sleeves on the span wire sheet block attachments, also seen above, which Mike had previously cast. Once completed, the spam wires will be shackled to eyes in straps that Mike has also made. Then we’ll be ready to hang blocks, which Joe is starting to fabricate.

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