The Wonders of Scale

Another great Tuesday! Sometimes, we just have to step back from our scale model and remember how huge the real RELIANCE was. Case in point: Bill was working on our spreader when I took this picture. Bill is well over six feet tall. Then it hits you. How long was the real spreader? Answer, 34 feet! (I had to check our plans to make sure we hadn’t goofed. It didn’t seem real.) Wider than the beam of RELIANCE as shown in the photos.
And then Burr delivered the final version of our anchor windlass. Another piece of high fashion jewelry for RELIANCE. More bling!
Bob Dollar from R&W Rope also brought the first spools of our “manila.”
Meanwhile, Herb made another scale serving mallet and is practicing worming, parcelling and serving (worm and parcel with the lay, serve the other way) and wire splicing. Next step to practice worming and serving with wire. Keith continues to fashion our rudder – equally as monstrous as the┬áspreader.
20141021_172554 20141021_142251 20141021_142211 20141021_150318

1 thought on “The Wonders of Scale

  1. Walter L Hill

    As a shipmodeler, I have to say this is about the most fantastic piece of work I have every seen. Two summers ago, I wandered in late in the afternoon and was given a tour by Lee. Very impressive.

    I hope to be back for another look.


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