On Saturday the 17th, we had our benefactor’s nephews in for a visit and promptly put them to work helping us lay the port and starboard middle sections of canvas. Since it was an all-hands evolution I have no photos but hope they’ll forward some photos we can post.
Then Tuesday we laid our final canvas, the outboard sections. Steve held the canvas in place while Bill used his wallpaper brush to apply the canvas. Herb from Falmouth and I held the canvas clear and aligned from the other end. As you can see quality control is important. We even had Keith and his lovely wife Mary Jo do a fly-by from MN to ensure we were hard at work during their vacation. Wednesday and Thursday were trim and paint days. Mike brought a large bollard, which you can see on the foredeck, and we began to cut and shape strips into toe rails. RELIANCE is really starting to take shape!



1. Bill laying canvas


2. Smoothing out wrinkles



4. The QC finger


5. In from MN


6. Last section of deck trimmed & painted. New bollard

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