Big Progress in Building 28! Pin Rails & Capt Trivia

Last week was big in Building 28! Keep getting closer to the day when everything on deck will be finished.
It was a major milestone to get everything completed inside the hull so we could button RELIANCE up. 

Steve completed his pin rails and we glued and screwed these in place (Photos 1,2, and 3). Keith then made his last trip inside to secure these last fittings in place (Photo 4.) There was some thought of sealing him inside as internal animation but we concluded we’d just let him leave his graffiti (Photo 5.)

Bill, Keith and Steve then inserted two deck frames inside the hull and screwed them in place. (Photos 6,7,8, and 9) These have “donut hole” blocks on their bottom side to hold the steel display rods in place (See blogs from last December where we drilled three rods through the keel. These rods become the internal supporting structure for the display cradle. The middle rod is shorter and only goes through the keel and is not attached at the deck) With these frames in place, we put the top back on. It fits very nicely and we’ll spend the balance of the week ‘bondo-ing” the seems to perfection. Next week the deck canvas goes on!! 

As we were doing this, Herb completed assembly of the #2 club and started to shape the front face of the #2 topsail yard. These will be placed on deck where they were carried as spares. (Photo 10)



Photo 1). Steve and his pinrails


Photo 2). Pin Rail


Photo 3). Pin Rail


Photo 4). Capt Trivia Emerges


Photo 5). Capt Trivia was there


Photo 6). Getting beams to fit


Photo 7). supporting beams


Photo 8). Capt Trivia


Photo 9). buttoned up


Photo 10). Herb works the #2 Club

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