A Special Thank You

We seem to get around to posting a blog about the support we get from the museum staff and interns about the time they depart – got to change that!
For many of you Maggie has been the “face” of the Museum. For us she has been our happy face and our most helpful face – the “can do” woman. Still don’t know how we’ll ever replace her in our hearts. But she’s gone off to a big city Boston to pursue her dreams and we wish her well. At least she didn’t desert us for the evil empire… In a small corner of our heart we hope she’ll soon find out that bigger isn’t better and that we’ll see her again…Image

1 thought on “A Special Thank You

  1. Maggie

    Thanks, RELIANCE Project team! I will miss you as well. This is such an important and inspiring project. I look forward to watching the progress and visiting soon.



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