Thank You, AMA Engineering!

As seems to happen often on the RELIANCE PROJECT, kind people are attracted to the model. So, I’d like to speak of one in particular – Andrew Wright and his team of AMA Engineering. AMA Engineering has a wonderful machine shop in its Smart Move Modular Conveyors Division in Westport, MA. (We are very jealous of the machines and capabilities in this shop. A candy store for machinists! BTW, they make conveyors for cruise ships and navy vessels, among other things.

As we started our cradle, we were looking for a machine shop to drill holes and weld rods to blocks when we stumbled upon him.

Not only did his shop consult with us on cradle materials and our manufacturing and installation concerns, but they drilled the holes and welded the rods in place, and then cut the rods to final length — all at no charge. On top of that, when we were at loose ends about the drilling bit, they procured and modified one complete with fabricated extension – again at no charge. 

With these savings we were able to complete our wooden spar displays. These exhibits which surround the model are so important to the RELIANCE story and bringing her alive.

So, our deepest appreciation to Andrew and his crew at Smart Move/ AMA Engineering. You made a very difficult production step easy and our exhibit much, much better. We’ll make sure your contribution is noted in our final display. 

Thanks from the whole RELIANCE team 

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