Wooden Spars

As we’re starting to complete our 4′ sections of the wooden spars, I thought I would tease you with pictures of the topsail spars posed as a set.

Remember, the topmast is 58′ tall, the #1 topsail yard 68′ tall, and the topsail club 58′ long. For reference, the peak of our bldg. 28 workshop in which theses pictures were taken is just shy of 26′.

In the pictures, the rectangular cross-section yard is standing next to the round topmast. The club lies next to the yard and it would have been made up to the fabricated steel gaff.

The luff of the #1 topsail which these spars hold up is about 105′ long at the luff.

Our 4′ sections weigh:
Topmast 95 lbs.
Yard 62 lbs
Club 40 lbs

(The spinnaker boom shown in the background and as a separate picture weighs 58 lbs. and was more than 83′ long)

Come and visit these guys!





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