Building 28 – An Ever Changing Exhibit

As we progress on building our 1/6th scale model we’ve become aware that:

  1. The effort must be thought of as part of a larger exhibit to represent the grandeur of the large America’s Cup boats and racing schooners.
  2. Visitors have difficulty translating 1/6th scale into original size.

We are also building RELIANCE in the old Herreshoff Manufacturing shops, to original plans, and using HM Co practices where we can. It is as if the ghosts of old workers are looking over our shoulders! So, we think we have some insights into the question “Why did Henry Ford visit HM Co before building his own factory?”

So, as you enter Building 28, we are creating a small exhibit area over the course of the summer to explore with you these topical areas:

  1. Pictures and discussions of HM Co. built America’s Cup boats and large racing schooners
  2. Display of 4’ sections of real-size wooden RELIANCE spars; reliefs of boom, bowsprit and mast; and comparisons to the real RELIANCE
  3. Picture exhibit of the shops and workers
  4. Our thoughts on advanced HM Co business practices
  5. Nat Herreshoff’s experiments with fin-keel boats (There are two examples in Bldg 28 awaiting restoration)

We hope you’ll visit us as we create these exhibits and that you’ll add your insights and thoughts as well.

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