True Size

Welcome back everyone! Sorry about the lack of posts recently, the Fourth of July is an extremely busy time for the Museum as well as the town of Bristol as a whole. I would like to begin by introducing myself. My name is Aaron Towers, and I am interning at the Museum for the summer. I am working on the RELIANCE project, and will be updating you with the progress of the project as well as any information I feel should be forwarded to you.

For the past couple weeks, we have been working in Building 28 to show visitors the true size of RELIANCE compared to our 1/6th scale model. It began when we constructed a 14-inch diameter section cut out to show the actual size of the bowsprit used on RELIANCE. This section represents a piece of RELIANCE’s 41-foot bowsprit. We have also been working on a few more ideas to display the sheer size of RELIANCE in comparison to our model. Keep checking in to see what we do next!

This section cut of the 14-inch diameter bowsprit would be 41 feet long on RELIANCE

Our section cut of RELIANCE’s 41-foot bowsprit.

-Aaron Towers

1 thought on “True Size

  1. Joseph Burr Bartram Jr

    Aaron Towers,

    Thanks for the update welcome to the Reliance Project. Please give Sandy my best. I hope work is progressing on schedule.



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