Mentoring Program

I thought I would take another “walk-about” to mention the school-age Mentoring Program. Teenagers (and sometimes younger) are taught shop and boat maintenance skills on our Herreshoff 12½ sailing school boats. So far, I have seen them fashion a new boom from a larger left over piece of fir, repair a tiller, shape and install new coamings, as well as the usual sanding, scraping, painting and varnishing. In addition, Richard reinforces shop safety, shop clean-up, and proper use of varnishes, paints and thinners. This program is funded by a grant from the Collectors Foundation.

Our RELIANCE team sees these youth at work on Tuesday and other week-day afternoons during which time we have the opportunity to discuss with them our progress on building a “real” boat. We get to work with them on reducing RELIANCE plans to scale, geometry problems associated with boat-building, and drafting among the math and engineering problems we face. To the extent that we can also find work for them and their parents on RELIANCE, they get some practical application as well!

So you see, Building 28 can be a “happening place” worth your visit!





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