Spinnaker Boom and Bowsprit

Bill Lawton and Tim Horton working on spinnaker boom and bowsprit. Originals were 83′ and 40′ respectively, approx 14′ and 7′ on the model. The team is researching her spinnaker pole thumbcleats, bowsprit cone/ rigging detail, and attachment of footropes at hull end. Any insights the Reliance Interest Group has are appreciated.

5 thoughts on “Spinnaker Boom and Bowsprit

  1. T.J. Perrotti

    I’m quite intrigued to learn of this exciting and ambitious project undertaking. Reliance is certainly one of history’s most forward-thinking yachts, conceived on a scale that’s hard for us to imagine today … even with our modern technology. A reconstruction of her, in model form, should offer lessons and pose questions to be answered on many fronts — engineering, naval architecture, manpower management, etc.

    I’m a naval architect with an interest in yachting history, including model yachting. If you guys need a hand with CAD and/or engineering work, give me a ring.

    Best wishes,
    T.J. Perrotti
    Newport, RI

    1. Sandy Lee

      T.J., I am most appreciative of your offer, and YES we can use your help! Please, let’s talk. You and others who are interested can reach me at 401-396-9362 or 617-794-2315 (m) or s.lee@herreshoff.org
      Sandy Lee, Reliance Project Manager

  2. Ed King

    Fantastic project, looking forward to keeping track here on your blog and if you ever need any photography let me know, would love to provide you with some shots.

  3. Sandy Lee

    Dear Karsten Busch, I understand from Lydia Bergeron CFO of the museum that you have been trying to reach me. I’m sorry I have not received your emails, and unfortunately cannot respond to your email address Lydia gave me. It comes back undeliverable. Would like to hear from you about your Reliance project. Please call me at 617-794-2315 (m) or email at s.lee@jerreshoff.org or aclee@cox.net
    Thanks, Sandy Lee


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